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Public Purpose Discount Program

We appreciate the sacrifices of those who have served in the military, as first responders and teachers. We also want to contribute to the quality of life our seniors (62 years of age and older) enjoy. We provide a credit of 10% of our service fee at closing to a Better Way Homes customer that are: serving in the military, veterans, police, fire, EMT, teachers or seniors 62 years of age or older.

Low/Moderate Income Programs

Better Way Homes has a number of special programs to financially facilitate low and moderate income persons buying and selling homes.

  • BWH defines Low and Moderate Income persons and families as those persons and families having gross income less than the median income level of the MSA – metropolitan statistical area. In Miami Dade County the maximum income to qualify for our discount is $ 51,800.
  • Better Way Homes provides a credit of 10% of BWH’s service fee at closing to low and moderate income BWH customers.
  • Better Way Homes will help BWH low and moderate income customers secure down payment assistance and low cost favorable mortgage financing from various federal, state and local resources. Please go to Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida (NHSSF) website – nhssf.org – our recommended resource for down payment assistance and mortgages.
  • Home Buyer Education/Preparation – NHSSF has a very good program to prepare individuals and families to responsibly purchase and keep their homes – nhssf.org.

Real Estate Agent Programs

Policy – We work with Buyers’ and Sellers’ agents all the time. We respect and honor your business relationship, list all our homes for sale on the local MLS and pay a market rate commission to cooperating agents on all sales of our listings. To make a purchase offer, please fill out our offer form attached to the MLS database or to the syndicated listing and submit your offer.  If you have a listing that you would like to have a purchase offer from BWH, please request a purchase offer by going through our online process, submit your offer request and identify yourself as an agent. We work hard to respond to all requests and offers by email within 24 hours. Agents appreciate the easy, fast, fair and certain process Better Way Homes has constructed to sell and buy Homes. We look forward to working with you and your clients.

Commissions – Better Way Homes honors all agent agreements. We honor listing agreements and we honor cooperating agents whose client purchases a Better Way Homes property. All cooperating agents whose clients purchase a Better Way Homes property receive a market rate commission published in the MLS.

Referrals – Better Way Homes will pay agents a referral fee of 0.25% of the Home price at closing when an agent has a referral agreement with Better Way Homes, does not have a listing or buyer agreement with the prospect and their prospect sells a Home to BWH or buys a Home from BWH.

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